RESOGUN Vita Review


PS Vita version tittle screen


There are many shoot-em-ups that graced the Vita’s library like Sine Mora, Velocity Ultra (and 2X), Big Sky Infinity, Luftrausers and the twin stick shooter awesomeness Super Stardust Delta. We all kinda long for another SSD shmup – introducing the spiritual successor RESOGUN! Continue reading


One Piece: Unlimited World Red 3ds XL vs Vita



It’s always a dilemma for people like me who owns both Vita and 3DS XL for which version of a game to get. Ok some will suggest “Why not get both?”, even if both version offers exclusive contents it’s still not a valid reason to get two versions of the same game and besides it’s not practical. Example is when Zero Escape came out few years ago, good thing is that I saw some articles, few videos and forum topics about the comparison of the two version (Vita and 3DS) that helped me decide. I ended up picking the 3DS version and I’m glad I did, not that the Vita version is less good but because it caters some elements that I think will best serve the way I play the game and besides I have the 999 on the DS so I guess that’s another reason to choose that version. I really want to get my hands on One Piece: Unlimited World Red I’ve been looking around the net and can’t find any clear comparison for this game on the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS so I decided to get both and make my own comparison article. I love  the One Piece series but lose track of it after getting busy with my family. A lot of characters added in the world of One Piece that I missed which is not a problem to this Bandai-Namco’s new installment. This time it has its own original story but I still suggest for those who are new to the franchise to check the past manga or anime which I’ll also consider doing as well. Maybe I need a weekend of One Piece marathon, watch it with my 4 year old daughter. A good time to introduce her to the Straw-hat crew. I love that developer Ganbarion made a Monster Hunter(esque) kind of game but as expected not as deep as MH but still have lots of content to satisfy your cravings while waiting for MH4 release. I haven’t played the previous OP games so I can’t compare that to this one. It’s not an over-the-top hack-n-slash game like the Pirate Warrior series but more of an action RPG combined with hunter-gatherer simulation on the side. I find that the latter part is more of an afterthought than a requirement. ‘Nuf said. I know that most of you would like to know the difference between the games Nintendo 3Ds/XL versus the PS Vita version and as much as possible I don’t wan’t to stir-up a fanboy argument on which version is superior. There are definitely pros and cons on both version. Without making this introduction stupidly long – here’s my comparison. Continue reading

Play Station Vita – Identity Crisis


Am I a mobile gaming device or a portable gaming console?

Now that E3 2013 is over we’re looking forward on new IPs and game sequels on our beloved PlatStation Vita. Killzone: Mercenary looks awesome way better that Resistance: Burning Skies and Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified. See! Developers can achieve console quality game play and graphics if they want to. That is just for the first person shooters (FPS) what about other stuff? Like RPGs or Action Aventure titles. Uncharted: Golden Abyss is pretty descent compare to other titles. Come on guys the Vita is way powerful machine than Nintendo 3DS (click here to view specs comparison) and why is that (My also beloved) 3DS gets more note worthy games than the Vita? The biggest example is Resident Evil: Revelations, this game is darn good looking on the 3DS specially on the XL vesion. No noticeable muddy textures, has ambient lighting and the “FOG!” effect. Deym! Some say this is an inferior machine but how come it can deliver good graphics and details. Now this game has console versions which is weird because usually games have console versions first then they strip it down for a handheld version. CAPCOM said they’ve skip the Vita because it’s a hand held… Hmmm… OK. Now enters the question – Is PS Vita a mobile gaming device or a portable gaming console?  Continue reading