One Piece: Unlimited World Red 3ds XL vs Vita



It’s always a dilemma for people like me who owns both Vita and 3DS XL for which version of a game to get. Ok some will suggest “Why not get both?”, even if both version offers exclusive contents it’s still not a valid reason to get two versions of the same game and besides it’s not practical. Example is when Zero Escape came out few years ago, good thing is that I saw some articles, few videos and forum topics about the comparison of the two version (Vita and 3DS) that helped me decide. I ended up picking the 3DS version and I’m glad I did, not that the Vita version is less good but because it caters some elements that I think will best serve the way I play the game and besides I have the 999 on the DS so I guess that’s another reason to choose that version. I really want to get my hands on One Piece: Unlimited World Red I’ve been looking around the net and can’t find any clear comparison for this game on the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS so I decided to get both and make my own comparison article. I love  the One Piece series but lose track of it after getting busy with my family. A lot of characters added in the world of One Piece that I missed which is not a problem to this Bandai-Namco’s new installment. This time it has its own original story but I still suggest for those who are new to the franchise to check the past manga or anime which I’ll also consider doing as well. Maybe I need a weekend of One Piece marathon, watch it with my 4 year old daughter. A good time to introduce her to the Straw-hat crew. I love that developer Ganbarion made a Monster Hunter(esque) kind of game but as expected not as deep as MH but still have lots of content to satisfy your cravings while waiting for MH4 release. I haven’t played the previous OP games so I can’t compare that to this one. It’s not an over-the-top hack-n-slash game like the Pirate Warrior series but more of an action RPG combined with hunter-gatherer simulation on the side. I find that the latter part is more of an afterthought than a requirement. ‘Nuf said. I know that most of you would like to know the difference between the games Nintendo 3Ds/XL versus the PS Vita version and as much as possible I don’t wan’t to stir-up a fanboy argument on which version is superior. There are definitely pros and cons on both version. Without making this introduction stupidly long – here’s my comparison. Continue reading