Devil’s Third – Dodge Kick-ass Repeat

Devil's Third

There’s a lot of controversy¬†around this game from Valhalla Game Studios, from being passed around by different publishers and almost got dumped but thanks to Nintendo this hybrid hack n’ slash first person shooter one-of-a-kind romp¬†got to see the light of day. Continue reading


Thank You – Saturo Iwata

Hope you find peace on Mushroom Kingdom Iwata San.

Hope you find peace on Mushroom Kingdom (or Dream Land) Iwata San.

I had post this on Facebook last July but didn’t manage to post it on this blog. I almost forgot about this blog due to a busy schedule at work and I just rather play all of the backlog of games I have. Better late that never, I guess. Thank you Mr. Iwata for the fond memories that games made from our childhood (and present). You’ll be missed.