Nintendo 3DS XL or DSi XL?


This is not a review or a versus comparison against the Nintendo 3DS XL and the DSi XL ‘coz obviously they are both different machines and have different hardware power although they can both play DS games they’re still like comparing apples and oranges. This is article is base on my observation and firsthand experience on the 3DS XL not a bias fanboy or hater’s point of view.


Before I decided to get a Nintendo 3DS XL I’ve research and watch videos for about 3 months to justify how good the 90% upscale of the screen compare to the DSi XL in terms of playing DS games which I think is sharper in and have crispier colors than the regular DSi and DS screens, I though that it will be the same case as on the 3DS XL but I guess I’m wrong. By the way I don’t own a regular 3DS, I only have the chance to play with them on demo stands on my favorite game shops but still didn’t convince me to get one – feels like the 3D effect is a big gimmick. I tried playing with the demo units but there is no way I’m gonna use 3D feature – the small screen just doesn’t work. When I got my DSi XL I wish the 3DS has an XL version and eventually Nintendo answered my prayer. The only question is  – Is the upgrade or upscale worth the wait? My answer is Yes and No! Yes because 90% bigger screen, 3D effect is a bit better and No because there is no 2nd circle pad well I guess makes sense ‘coz they’ve just released the Circle Pad Pro for the regular size 3DSes. Nintendo will be killing their own product if they put a 2nd circle pad on the 3DS XL. Saw some photos from the net of the 3DS XL dismantled and seems like there is no space to put on the 2nd circle pad on the unit. If they tried squeezing that thing in the 3DS XL it will become a 3DS XXL – which  is the case now when you put the new Circle Pad Pro XL to be release in the States and the rest of the world this December of 2012.


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999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (Pilot)

ZERO - The Mastermind of the Nonary Game

ZERO – The Mastermind of the Nonary Game

What better way to start of with this article. I just finished 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors on my Nintendo DSi XL well 5 times to be exacts so I’m left with one ending. It’s is easy to playback and make new choices for the the game well before I say any spoilers this game is about the survival of 9 (nine) people on a game called “The Nonary Game” from the root word Nona = Nine (9). It’s like your typical survival game movie bunch of people with different personalities trying to figure out how to escape this ship called the “Gigantic” which is an exact replica of the famous sunken ship “Titanic” according to the game. This is the only Digital Novel that I played straight except for the “Prof. Layton” series wich is more of a true puzzler game than a digital novel. The puzzles are not that hard to solve but it requires a lot of Math but basic math which is good for non-hardcore puzzle gamers. Continue reading