Devil’s Third – Dodge Kick-ass Repeat

Devil's Third

There’s a lot of controversy around this game from Valhalla Game Studios, from being passed around by different publishers and almost got dumped but thanks to Nintendo this hybrid hack n’ slash first person shooter one-of-a-kind romp got to see the light of day. Continue reading


Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (A Post-hype Review)


I never though I would finish this game, not that it was difficult but it was dragging at first for me. Coming from the awesome 999 and Zero Escape the change of phase and how the game progress is too Phoenix Wright for my taste not that it’s a bad game but It’s too weird at first try. But oh man! This game is awesome if you get the hang of it.  Continue reading

RESOGUN Vita Review


PS Vita version tittle screen


There are many shoot-em-ups that graced the Vita’s library like Sine Mora, Velocity Ultra (and 2X), Big Sky Infinity, Luftrausers and the twin stick shooter awesomeness Super Stardust Delta. We all kinda long for another SSD shmup – introducing the spiritual successor RESOGUN! Continue reading