RESOGUN Vita Review


PS Vita version tittle screen


There are many shoot-em-ups that graced the Vita’s library like Sine Mora, Velocity Ultra (and 2X), Big Sky Infinity, Luftrausers and the twin stick shooter awesomeness Super Stardust Delta. We all kinda long for another SSD shmup – introducing the spiritual successor RESOGUN! It first came on the PS4 and now gracing our handheld with fast-pace action twin-stick-like, particle exploding, human-saving craziness!!! I can say that RESOGUN is the best thing that happened to the Vita (in my opinion). Heck I finished it already with “Experienced” mode and still itching to play more. Before this get’s any further here is a brief review of RESOGUN Vita version.


Phobos is my preferred fighter – Heavy Guns!!!

Ported Perfect

We all know the limitations of the Vita but there is really no major downgrade here. From the 60 frames per second of the PS4 version down to 30 frames per second (more or less) of the portable one which I guess is good enough. You can still feel a sense of speed in the game when I say speed I mean mind numbing speed. The difficulty is not compromised. You might feel an urge to throw your Vita once in while on the floor but I don’t recommend that.


Sweet sweet particles!!!

More Particles

Graphics-wise it’s sill the RESOGUN we’ve loved on the PS4 except of the down sized resolution. It’s still look sharp and crisp but as expected to match the Vita’s hardware limitation they have to down size it to the vita’s native resolution. Particles and effects are still intact. Of course the PS4 version is better in every aspect but still a very pretty looking game on a handheld.


Music and sound FX is as sweet as the PS4 version.

Music & Sound FX

The music is still awesome! You might wanna use a headphone or earphone to appreciate it more. You will still panic whenever you here the the words “human in danger” or feel relieved from the words “phase complete”. Sound effects are solid as the Electronica background music which I think suits the game.


Basic controls – Simple but effective

Sore Thumb

This game will definitely give you a sore thumb for days! I sure got mine. The Vita’s physical twin sticks are too small for this game. You might blame it for not engaging an accurate super move or the Overdrive not accurately delivered by the L shoulder button. It feels clunky at times and I suggest to anticipate a slight of delay on button inputs specially on the shoulder buttons. For some this might be a deal-breaker or a reason to smash the Vita into pieces, it’s just a matter of getting use to.


I hate seeing this… Awesome explosion though.


Nothing much to see here but I bet you can do way better. Gotta try Veteran Mode.


Another awesome game was ported to the Vita but the big question is – Do we need more ported games or more exclusives? For me I don’t mind if it’s as awesome as the original but should be less compromised. As I’ve mentioned above RESOGUN is the best thing that happened to Vita this year not Borderlands 2, not Minecraft and definitely not Killzone: Mercenary. Don’t miss this cross-buy, cross-save game. For those who got it on the PS4 it’s a no brainier to download it free on the Vita (for now). For now It’s exactly the basic port but maybe in the near future will be seeing DLCs to widen the experience. What are you waiting for grab the opportunity and blast some spaceships into bits!!!


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