Play Station Vita – Identity Crisis


Am I a mobile gaming device or a portable gaming console?

Now that E3 2013 is over we’re looking forward on new IPs and game sequels on our beloved PlatStation Vita. Killzone: Mercenary looks awesome way better that Resistance: Burning Skies and Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified. See! Developers can achieve console quality game play and graphics if they want to. That is just for the first person shooters (FPS) what about other stuff? Like RPGs or Action Aventure titles. Uncharted: Golden Abyss is pretty descent compare to other titles. Come on guys the Vita is way powerful machine than Nintendo 3DS (click here to view specs comparison) and why is that (My also beloved) 3DS gets more note worthy games than the Vita? The biggest example is Resident Evil: Revelations, this game is darn good looking on the 3DS specially on the XL vesion. No noticeable muddy textures, has ambient lighting and the “FOG!” effect. Deym! Some say this is an inferior machine but how come it can deliver good graphics and details. Now this game has console versions which is weird because usually games have console versions first then they strip it down for a handheld version. CAPCOM said they’ve skip the Vita because it’s a hand held… Hmmm… OK. Now enters the question – Is PS Vita a mobile gaming device or a portable gaming console? Seems like every developer’s excuse in producing a mediocre trimmed down PS Vita games is that they’re making a more portable experience, gaming on the go, burst game fix, etc. which doesn’t make much sense on the PS Vita. Why make it a powerful piece of hardware if you’re only producing dumb-down gaming experience. 3DS is not that powerful but it has Monster Hunter 3rd Ultimate and Resident Evil: Revelations. Well let’s talk about that later.

Which 3rd Person Shooter to Play?

Which 3rd Person Shooter to Play?

Let’s compare (briefly) two available 3rd person shooters on both Vita and 3DS namely Unit 13 and Resident Evil: Revelations. OK wait. You might think that this is an unfair comparison because they’re different kinds of shooter and comparing CAPCOM and Zipper Interactive (RIP) is also like comparing David and Goliath. For me Unit 13 is a good handheld shooter with it’s mission base game play, descent graphics for a launch title but it’s not as engaging as RE:Revelations because the lack of story mode and somewhat the scare element is a plus for RE:Revelations. Our first concern here is the experience, 2nd is the graphics and 3rd is content. I’ll give the better experience on RE:Revelations (IMHO) compare to Unit 13. Graphically RE:Revelation is much better in many ways. I don’t know how CAPCOM pulled this off but I’m quite impress on the details they put on RE:Revelations. Content-wise I love both, Unit 13 has trophies and RE: Revelation has additional modes when you finish the game so you can play it again with all of your acquired weapons. Mind you that RE:Revelation is running on 3DS which is not as powerful as the Vita. Having said this didn’t stop CAPCOM in developing a well-made game for the 3DS system but if I’ll compare RE: Revelations to Uncharted: Golden Abyss that is different story. Definitely I’ll give 2 thumbs up to Uncharted: Golden Abyss. BEND made a good job in translating Uncharted to a handheld device.

Unit 13 and Resident Evil: Revelations

Unit 13 and Resident Evil: Revelations

Moving on, “Monster Hunter 3rd Ultimate” is one of the best looking games on the 3DS. Why CAPCOM? Why!?! CAPCOM said if you want an MH experience play the PSP versions… Hmm.. Well… OK. Good thing we have a handful of indie games coming. Good move Sony for supporting the indie game developers. This means new ideas and awesome new IPs. It’s good and all but most of the indie game (not all) will also come to my (also beloved) iOS devices and Android devises.  When “Jacob Jones and The Bigfoot Mystery” came out I was torn between getting it either on the Vita or the iPhone5. I end up (of course) getting the Vita version but see what I mean. I support indie games but mostly on the iOS and Android devices. If I want my daily fix of burst game play I go to my iOS device. I don’t mind playing a full console experience on my Vita or even my 3DS XL. They are both capable handheld gaming platforms but I don’t see myself playing a full console experience on my iPhone5 and iPad, I use them for personal stuff like browsing the internet, email and texting.

Jacob Jones and The Bigfoot Mystery - Which version is better?

Jacob Jones and The Bigfoot Mystery – Which version is better?

Now I know why Nintendo doesn’t care on Next Gen stuff for them it’s all about the games, Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Smash Bros. The fun of playing and content of the game. Graphics is always second (or last) priority to them maybe that’s the reason why games like Mario, Zelda, Metroid etc. are always successful – game mechanics that works for everyone. Saturo Iwata said Nintendo will never bring their exclusives to mobile devices which is (he said) one of Nintendo’s reason for being successful. OK I’m drifting away on the main topic here. Sony please give us more good games for PS Vita we’re still waiting for the “Vita Killer App/Game” so they say.

New Titles Coming This 2013:

– Killzone: Mercenary

– Batman Arkham Origins

– Counter Spy

– Destiny of Spirits

– Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two

– Tearaway

– Flower

– The Walking Dead: 400 Days

– Invizimals: The Alliance

– Duck Tales

– Dokidoki Universe

– God Of War 1&2 HD Collection

– Final Fantasy X & X-2

– Dead Nation

Let every one know that the PS Vita is a portable gaming console that is capable of console-quality  (not console-like) experience rather than a mobile gaming device. Please developers copying Gameloft’s console-like style will not make PS Vita any popular. There’s a big difference in “console-like experience” and “console-quality experience” – you do the math.

Is Killzone: Mercenary the KILLER app for PS Vita?

Is Killzone: Mercenary the KILLER app/game for PS Vita?

One good news is – the vita will be the ultimate companion to the newly revealed PS4. They promise full remote gaming ala Nintendo Wii U game pad. I can’t wait how the developers will integrate the Vita screen on the PS4 experience. We got ourselves a handful of new titles this year with some favorite titles having an HD makeover like “God of War 1 & 2” and “Final Fantasy X & X-2”. 2013 is still a long way to go and we’re having high hopes this coming months for our PS Vita system. The future isn’t so dull after all.


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