999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (Pilot)

ZERO - The Mastermind of the Nonary Game

ZERO – The Mastermind of the Nonary Game

What better way to start of with this article. I just finished 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors on my Nintendo DSi XL well 5 times to be exacts so I’m left with one ending. It’s is easy to playback and make new choices for the the game well before I say any spoilers this game is about the survival of 9 (nine) people on a game called “The Nonary Game” from the root word Nona = Nine (9). It’s like your typical survival game movie bunch of people with different personalities trying to figure out how to escape this ship called the “Gigantic” which is an exact replica of the famous sunken ship “Titanic” according to the game. This is the only Digital Novel that I played straight except for the “Prof. Layton” series wich is more of a true puzzler game than a digital novel. The puzzles are not that hard to solve but it requires a lot of Math but basic math which is good for non-hardcore puzzle gamers. The puzzles are more of a side activity but the main attraction is the story – you might react on this ’cause some of the dialogues are a bit cheezey. It’s how the way the story is told (I guess) that makes me hooked to this game – there is a sense of concern on the characters specially for the main character Junpei and Akane. There’s a lot of back story on every character depending on the way you choose your path. Like most of the reviews I’ve read this is a digital version of a “Choose Your Own Adventure” pocket book but the difference is you cannot flip back on a  certain scenario ’cause you can only have one save file – you have to play through the whole game again and solve all the puzzles (again) and choose a different set of in-game decisions.

Characters of 999

Characters of 999

The sequel titled: Virtues Last Reward will be much more convenient ’cause of the “Flow” mechanic which is a map of all the paths you have chosen. From there you can easily go back and choose another path. The sequel is coming very soon and excited to get a hold of that game on my Play Station Vita. I only have one more ending remaining out of 6 different endings. I highly recommend this game but sadly it has an “M” rating ’cause of the gore and violence which is a big part of the experience. So parents beware.

Game Breakdown

Graphics: Charming 2D hand-drawn characters with static 3D backgrounds

Sound: Eerie background music with some techno beats – a very good match to this kind of game, adds a sense of suspense

Game Play: You’ll get hooked to it but there are times that you feel the back stories are redundant and the puzzles are giveaways

Replay Value : A lot of replay value but after the 6 different endings there is no point in playing maybe for nostalgic purposes. How I wish they’ve put more than 6 endings.


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